Do masks reduce your risk of catching viruses?

"If masks are not exchanged regularly (or washed properly when made of cloth), pathogens can accumulate in the mask. When improperly used, the risk of spreading the pathogen—including SARS-CoV-2—might be critically increased." 
European Journal of Medical Research volume 25, Article number: 32 (2020)

Do you remember the Spring of 2020?

Over the last year, the sight of people walking around wearing facemasks has gone from an exotic "oriental" quirk to become a normal sight in the high street.

In March 2020 at the peak of the epidemic in the UK the government correctly advised that only those caring for vulnerable people should wear facemasks.

Jenny Harries, deputy chief medical officer correctly warns

that masks can trap the virus and increase the risk of catching the virus and disease. 2 March 2020

Why did so many people get infected in hospitals and carehomes?

The problem was the government had very few masks in stock. This caused a huge spike in hospital and carehome acquired infections, disease and death. This accounts for over 40,000 deaths between March-May 2020 attributed to COVID-19.

Why did people fear hospitals and die at home of treatable heart attacks etc?

The public rightly feared going to a hospital for any reason in case they caught the virus, causing even more excess deaths from all causes.

Government advice seemed to be totally useless, and this was compounded when Matt Hancock, Boris Johnson, Chris Whitty and Dominic Cummings all caught the virus themselves.

How did panic and fear lead to generalized mask use?

The sharp rise in deaths and the utter incompetence of the government response stoked public skepticism and this led to a desire to protect yourself by buying masks. 

The first epidemic came to an end in May 2020. But it was then that the government changed tack. They falsely claimed that "new scientific evidence" showed that everyone should wear facemasks of some sort in transport and many other indoor settings.

Was there evidence showing masks helped stop viruses?

The transmission of respiratory viruses in these environments was not caused by a lack of masks but by a lack of ventilation. We know this because airplanes remained safe to travel in throughout the last year. This is not because of masks but because the ventilation systems replace the air at least 6 times an hour.

Why did the government tell people to wear masks?

Ordering people to wear masks was a means of covering up for government incompetence and secure public submission to those in power. The insidious "behavioural science" unit at the SAGE committee was linked to the adoption of this dangerous policy.

Did generalized mask-wearing increase COVID-19 cases?

The next coronavirus season arrived in November 2020. Now millions of people were wearing masks in the open air, walking down the street, and when working, studying, etc. You even had to wear one in a pub or restaurant before you sat down at which point you could take it off! It is astounding that these policies could be proposed by "scientists" and ministers while they kept a straight face.

Experts from the Oxford Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine explain this here:


"Though this be madness, still there is method in it"  Polonius to Hamlet, Shakespeare

The evidence shows that over 75% of mask users wear them in a way that increases their risk of catching the SARS-COV-2 virus and COVID-19 the disease it can cause, as well as other bacterial and viral infections.

How many of those who died in the recent winter coronavirus season caught the virus and disease from their mask?

When a person has a mask under their chin, any passing stranger who sneezes can contaminate their mask. Then the contaminated mask is put over the mouth and nose. Virus droplets that landed on the mask are breathed in deeply. Would this have happened if you had not worn a mask? No. 

Not sure? Why not ask your friends and family who came down seriously ill?

Ask those knew people who died in the recent coronavirus season, did they wear masks? Serious research into this question is urgently needed. How many died needlessly, thinking that their mask protected them and others, when it may well be that which killed them?

Why did France recently ban cloth masks?

The French government has banned any masks except medical grade masks. However, their claim that this is due to a new variant virus does not seem to have any validity.

We have no doubt that the French decision was based on evidence that people were becoming infected from wearing cloth masks.

They become damp from breathing within 10-20 minutes. 

Yet some people, particularly the most vulnerable, seem to wear these masks all day long!

We are aware that people have become conditioned to think that masks are protecting themselves and others.

However, this is false.

Mask wearing to prevent the spread of coronaviruses is not based on science. It is a form of medieval superstition.

This has become a major public health emergency.
Help bring an end to generalized masking! It may be responsible for many deaths.


Take off your masks in all public settings and the open air!
Do not use any mask more than once!
End the madness and the destruction of public health!

Download a government mask exemption to your phone or to print out. It is accepted by the police, shop staff etc.

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